Monday, 5 May 2014

GOSPEL MUSIC ; Godisang - A re mmokeng Jeso

 is a Gospel recording artist based in Pretoria South Africa,grew up in the small town of Mafikeng where She was always exposed to music as a young girl.The youngest of three children ,she has always loved expressing herself through music .From singing at family gatherings to eventually singing in a church choir.She realised the call of God upon her life when she resigned from her fulltime job at Statistics SA to pursue her dream and call in the music ministry.At age 19 she was discovered by A producer and sound engineer by the name of Freddy Malesa who trained her in studio recording and gave her the opportunity to grow and learn how to write her own songs.This encounter resulted in a demo recording and one of the songs landed her a song writing award where she was selected as one of the top 20 songwriters in the Country of South Africa in a song writing competition.she’s a passionate song writer who is inspired by writing songs in south African languages.

She started working on her album in 2012 with a producer by the name of Hussein Olumide of Luminous Records and entertainment who oversaw the production of the entire project, and together with the help of amazing producers  like Engineer David Mutanda who was instrumental in also interpreting some of the tracks on the on the album .Kaygizm Soul of the Hip hop soul group Morafe was responsible for the direction of the music of some of the songs in the album.

She released a single on itunes titled “A re mmokengJeso”  which has currently been doing well and has also been downloaded by her followers on different cell phone  networks.Her music is a cut between contemporary jazzy sounds ,anointed lyrics and melodies,it comes with the power of the Gospel she preaches.Its gospel music that is fresh and although South African can stand on any world stage.
She started  working on her debut album after being featured on a couple of music projects.The album titled TESTIMONY is due for release May 17 2014.The album has 10 tracks with a mix of different sounds and styles of music.Its a refreshing mixture and representation of a new sound of worship arising from Africa.

She is also the founder of  NON PROFIT ORGANISATION by the name of Tabitha Foundation which is aimed at supporting orphans,street children and the needy.This is something v ery close to her heart as she believes we are all responsible for making a change.she is very passionate about her community and is determined to make a contribution and leave a lasting legacy.

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