Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MUSIC : TIllaman Ft. Davido – Ori Owo (REMIX) + Tear Rubber

TILLA is everything TILLAMAN was, in higher measures, and a lot more. Not only are we just about to experience the VOICE in all its richness and strength at ranges and pitches unimaginable, we're also just about to meet the sweet, smooth, sensual and sexy gentleman that is the new man, TILLA.
All name labels and other representations will henceforth bear the name "TILLA" instead of "TILLAMAN".
TILLA also recently teamed up with producer J-Fem (best known for producing W4′s monster-hit, Kontrol) and in introducing us to the new man TILLA as well as this new musical synergy between him and J-Fem, below are links to two new singles Tear Rubber, and Ori Owo, from their collective efforts.
The songs are both mastered by Foster Zeeno.

Download TIllaman Feat. Davido – Ori Owo

Download Tear Rubber

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