Saturday, 11 February 2017


It is the utmost desire of every Artiste to get paid for what he/she is doing. With the music industry so saturated, it looks almost impossible for an artiste to make it without a major sponsor, or without the backing of a record label.
Well the good news is that you can make as much as the music stars you know are making if you follow what I am about to tell you.
We know how hard it is for you to produce quality with no shows to perform in, and basically no way to recoup your investment. The truth is that no one will book you for a show when they don’t know you, no matter how talented you are. So start by getting known!
You may ask, how do I go about it?
Exposure is the key to the success of any artiste. But it just doesn’t come around like that. You have to work for it, you have to create your own opportunities. But if done in the wrong way, it can affect your music career negatively. CLICK  to continue reading...

Written by Sheba Macby .

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