Tuesday, 21 March 2017

[Gospel Music] Davies DpreacherBoi ft Lara George - Ijoba Orun (cover) @Officialdearxst

Haven gone through a hard moment disobeying the voice of God.

DearXsT now known as Minister Davies DpreacherBoi, has finally embraced his call and he's more than ready to do the will of the Father as much as He'll help him.

Ijoba Orun ft Lara George (cover) is a true story of what transpired between him and the devil, how he was deceived and led astray.

He's reaching out to everyone going through the same process, to have a turn around now, repent and embrace whatever God is saying to them, so they don't get messed up by the devil and the anger of our God.

Listen to the powerful lines of rap and be blessed.
Minister Davies DpreacherBoi.


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