Wednesday, 7 June 2017

#Rokpokpo: How Mr. Cruz is stealing social media with the ‘unheard banger’ | @MrCruz7

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Afro pop singer Mr. Cruz has somehow stolen a better part of the social media with the awareness of an upcoming single titled ‘Rokpokpo’.

With the #Rokpokpo hashtag already spreading like wild fire, many people are asking what the meaning is, but so far, no one has gotten any answer.

Some fans who reacted to the title of the song said they are sharing the image because of the title, with one of them precisely saying; “It sounds weird, but one thing certain in Nigerian music is that weird is bae”

Another fan said; “I know it will be something sweet or maybe sexy. But I believe Rokpokpo will surely be something everybody will love”

Hopefully, the answer will be known when the song is eventually released by the Kings Music Entertainment artiste who is also yet to make known the release date of the song.

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