Sunday, 24 September 2017

A Review Of "Ponmile" By Reminisce And Its Reference To Domestic Violence

Just when I thought my song of this month is Cardi B's Bodak Yellow, I stumbled on one that blew me out of the water.

"Ponmile" by Reminisce is great. The audio, cool and then I saw the video. I was enjoying it until it got to a point and I hated the song. I hated the song not because the song was not good and all but the video passes a subtle message that made my entire body revolt.

It featured Adekola Odunlade and Lota Chukwu, great acting by the two of them except for some flaws.

1. When he slapped her in 2:58, I am pretty sure he slapped her left cheek so why was she holding her right cheek? Oh well……maybe reverbration happened but the second issue is my main issue.

2. The song goes
"I love you no more, ko ma kin se'se ooooo (I love you no more is not a sin)
If you don't love me again, please let me know
Malo je kin ka e mo corner pele brother Samu (dont let it be that I find you cheating with some guy)
Olewu ooo; its very dangerous"

For a song that carried such words, I didnt expect it to have a domestic violence scene. Yeah yeah, he had a disclaimer in the end about how he doesnt believe in DV but isnt it weird that all through the song, the man was keeping in the madness his wife was throwing at him. He was keeping his demons chained until it got to the part where Reminisce said cheating for her will be dangerous.

You are in a country where domestic violence (especially against women) is high and you come out to do a video that subtly promotes it (the disclaimer doesnt do it please).

I told a friend that I will prefer if the video showed that the man imagined the entire domestic violence part and he just snapped out of it and decided to look at her and say "I need a divorce" not end where the man raise a machete, and changed his mind about killing her.

We know the man never actually proved that she was cheating just suspicions and he started acting weird which was what made the woman go psycho.

Before you go "but it is just a song; an artistic impression", please I have heard where peoole use songs to relate to their personal lives and musicians should try harder to make things better not make it look okay and then do a disclaimer.

Olamide's "Story for the gods" and the date rape all over the song is another source of concern but issue for another day.

By the way, here is a video of the song

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