Saturday, 14 October 2017

Lyrics: DaBoomsha - To Be Honest

Yo, im back in the lab again
Bad wt the pad and pen
I emerged from the labyrinth 
I was on the humble 
While yall homies was battling
U was feeling urself
extravagant wt d vaseline 
Freestyle gatherings
My natural environment 
Boom pita boom boom
The beatbox is earth shattering 
HipHop Luminary 
Im back daddy, buhari flow
mind military 
I Let dat lyrical shottie go
When i click clack
Feel d kickback from the patio
No time for chitchat
Aint rockin wt dat scenario 
They feeling my OT
From ikoyi to ajegunle 
My people dey know me
Awon temi wa ni shogunle
This is what i live for
Mind, body and temple
God very essential 
Kamakaze is in stores
Digital Vendors and label execs
Making money offa ur sweat while they giving you stress
Cant figure how much they selling 
Cant keep em in check
Ur fav rapper living in debt
What u expect? 
Im a thorobred artiste 
100 percentage 
Thru d hate, pain and malice
I still remain a menace 
A prophet to this industry 
Calling y'all to repentance
These dudes dont want it
They praying for me to vanish
They had me feeling like Magu standing before the senate
Im handing out ur penance
My soul aint for sale tho
Stuck to my mental like nymphos holding they dildoes
You cant take Christ from me
Means death or life to me
Jesus and HipHop 
These made my life complete 
Hennessy artistry 
I be where the cyphers be
Im righteously 
Laying in the cut where the snipers be
I be on my vitamins 
A, B.. MC
Keep me inspired
and sustain me an emcee
Despite the jealousy 
hate, greed and envy
Imma a keep spreading these love
Straight to your MP

Microphone Checker
Microphone wrecker
Ur not an emcee
U a microphone jester
Ur game too soft 
U a styrofoam gangster
Cut the loose talk
Leave d mic alone mister
Im back at it
Mathematical rap magic
Dis rap veteran 
Got a fetish for rap madness
Im crunk wt it
Anybody can come get it
My raps is not racist
Im bodying all races
Black, Hispanic 
Or asian
Im calm patient
Nevertheless ma heart racing 
Black or white,baby
The truth is we all natives
Its all jewelry 
Cowries or charmbracelets. 
We all sacred
But some choose to be devilish
Eyes closed, they Ice cold
Like everest
You are now rocking wt a 5 Mic lyricist
Mind ur manners 
There's a new nemesis on the premises
nothing but love to my PH folk
I keep blowing they minds 
on some BH Flow
Boomsha is a threat to you
Kneel when i blessing you
You vegetarian. 
U dont want beef but vegetables 
Play ur position
Lets keep dat professional 
No opposition 
Yo, you aint no competition..whoa

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