Friday, 29 June 2018

MUSIC: TeeJay Milez - Movez Apeshit + Your Luv [@teejaymilez1] TeeJay Milez - Movez Apeshit + Your Luv.jpeg

TeeJay Milez - Movez Apeshit + Your Luv1.jpeg
Teejay Milez is ready to invade the industry with his unique style of music,so he came out with a brand new single “Move”.

Teejay Milez is a talented singer and entertainer with an unquenchable desire for achievements.his style of music varies, all infused with African flavour.after the success of his debut singles.
Teejay Milez is back with a new single titled “Move” song mixed and mastered by a fast rising sound engineer by MAGIC.
This song of longing and hearing ,laced with humour,rendered in a sweet mix of English with his melodious voice .” Move” seals Teejay Milez ’s position as a creative artist in the Nigerian music industry. His vocal prowess and uniqueness is unmatched. Enjoy this adorable piece from the stable of Embo Records and follow him on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Instagram</a>.

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