Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Evans Ndukwe is a songwriter, a composer, a singer and an influencer who believes in the positive influence of characters through Good lyrics and beats especially characters of the youth around him so as to create a better environment for all.
The song “One Love Nigeria” was born out of a strong desire for a more united Nigeria. A Nigeria where we will all come to appreciate the beauty and the advantage in our diversity, see our perculiarity as a strong value and ultimately Appreciate God who was not wrong to make us One people. A Nigeria where our leaders will make things right so we dont give enemies right to break our unity.
So whoever you are, whatever dialect you speak, whatever tribal Mark you bear, whether you eat alot of oil or you swallow stones without drinking water or you love to Carry your Long stick on your shoulder while supporting it with two hands, as Long as you belong to anywhere within the Great 36+1, we are One great people, One great nation.
So download, “One Love Nigeria” play it, spread the goodnews of love and Peace and who we are to the whole World.
Nigeria is the only place we can call our home.

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