Saturday, 26 October 2019

Dupsy Oyeneyin - HOSANNA | @dupsyliveo Inbox x

The song HOSANNA is described by Dupsy Oyeneyin as a 'prayer and worship anthem'
Hosanna is a cry of adoration to our King Jesus for salvation, liberation and deliverance.
Save us, our Messiah, who comes to fulfill God’s mission! Save us, we beseech you, as you take your rightful throne and extend heaven’s salvation to us!”
Nothing happens on earth except people call on God in prayer and worship, Hosanna is a mix of these two spiritual posture.
No wonder that was everyone's cry, even the children's, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.
Hosanna, the cry for salvation needed to rise up to heaven for God to finally send Jesus to the cross to save the whole world.

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