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  • King Steve Benjamin ft Bobo Special - Highness
  • Steve Benjamin (born 20th October 1993), known professionally as King Steve Benjamin, is a Nigerian, singer and songwriter based in Moscow Russia.His singing career began when he was just 7 years old at his local church in Ekiti State Nigeria, where he further developed his skills. In his own words "I have no recollection of when exactly my love for music began".
    When he realised he could sing from an early stage, he just kept on practicing because of the joy he derived from singing. As he grew older, the urge to do music grew deeper and deeper and so did the evolution of his music.
    In 2013, he relocated to Moscow  to pursue a different career path in computer engineering.Not long after relocating, he started up his music career in Moscow, and within a short period of time, he earned himself the title, "king of Afro pop in Russia".
    As a musician, he doesn't just have one specific genre but rather he taps into all genres, making him unique and diverse. You would often hear him say "Music is me and I am music".
    There is a lot more to expect from this young artist, especially now that his evolution has just begun.

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