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  • What’s Next For Janexmara?
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    Just a little is now being said about rap prodigy Ibe Jane Amarachi aka Janexmara who busted into the scene with her Cardi B kind of rap two years ago.
    With a rap debut ‘Like That’ and then singing on her next single, ‘Omoge’, Janexmara has maintained a good standard of music, while she keeps pushing to meet up with the great expectations on her.
    Catching up with the rapper, who was described as hope for female rappers in Imo State at the time of her debut and she said that she understands the expectations and is working hard not to disappoint the fans.
    “The love was massive initially and it was really lovely to be loved that much from your base, but we all need to grow beyond that”
    “I’m still chasing the dream, but there is still life to live. School happened and studying a medical related course as a young artiste means I have to double up in everything. Sometimes these things try to break me into pieces”, she said.
    She admitted that she could have done more and better but still has no regret as to how things have turned out so far.
    “I appreciate every day and plan for the next. Moving from just Amarachi, a little girl who just got off secondary school to Janexmara, a rapper loved by people she doesn’t even know was massive for me and I needed to adjust to all that”
    “Thanks to my family and some great persons around me who have been helping me settle in, I am sure I don’t want to disappoint them”
    She revealed that one of the things that keeps her going is still music; knowing that there are still people who believe in her and just like every serious artiste, she has been working and will be stepping out soon.
    “Something is cooking and that’s the next thing. It will really be massive. Previously I have shown that could rap and sing, but this time I need to make it clear the kind of rapper I am"

    "If I don’t show them, they will never know and people out there really need to know what Janexmara is all about”, she added.

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