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    Have you ever imagined yourself having a “PErsonalENGagement” with your favorite celebrity? There is actually a new platform that makes this possible now, it is called .

    PENG” is an online community where African celebrities and fans globally can interact on a more personal level. Their platform gives fans the opportunity to request for personalized shout outs, live online sessions or physical meetups with celebrities either for themselves or a loved one. They are more like the Cameo for Africa. In less than a minute, you have the chance to experience something you haven’t before.

    To get a PENG video, you visit the website (, choose your preferred celebrity, input some basic information (such as name, email address and phone number), and include instructions about what the celebrity should say or do. It’s quite straightforward.

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    From what we see on the platform, the list of talents span across multiple categories such as musicians, comedians, actors, influencers, etc. Some popular names like Iyanya, Seyi Law, Chef and Davido’s wife Chef Chi, popular actress OsasIghodaro, and veteran actor Fred Amata are currently on the platform. We have also noticed they have latched onto Big Brother Naija Season 5 by getting the evicted housemates onto the platform. Pretty smart move.

    PENG has successfully cracked the complexity relating to the supply-and-demand-side marketplace for celebrity-fan engagement across the African continent just as Airbnb, eBay, and Uber has done on a global scale.

    Celebrity sign up is easy and can be done through the website. Their team verifies the celebrity signing up before they get visible for bookings. The cost of each booking is set by the talent and can change from day to day, depending on the celebrity’s estimation of his or her own market value and availability.

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    I guess you are now wondering what the cost is to getting a celebrity, right? A video created by Yimika (The Voice S8) will cost you as low as N10,000, while Chef Chi will have you pay as much as N80,000 which PENG takes a part of that as commission. Out of PENG’s commission, they mentioned to us that a percentage of this goes to a charity organisation (very thoughtful I must say).

    While speaking to one of the founders, Temitope Esan, he mentioned that they recently included Live Online Sessions and Business Bookings to the platform. This gives fans and businesses options and does not narrow the value of the platform to just video shoutouts. The platform is opened to serve all types of talent but more important for the talent is the opportunity to monetize their fanbase especially during the COVID-19 pandemic Esan further explained.

    “It would amaze you that what we have done is breaking down celebrities’ potential annual income into minutes. Take a B-List comedian, he typically makes 30 million naira for all his gigs within a year. Divide that figure into 12 months and that by the number of minutes within that month, he arrives at a rate of about N200. On our platform, that comedian can charge N20,000 per shoutout video.

    Having him complete 30 bookings per week (equivalent to 30 minutes of his time), he can make that same annual figure at the convenience of his house without leaving his location.”

    Esan further explained that the likes of Olamide and OmotolaJalade have numerous ways to make money and interact with their fans. “We will definitely love to get them onboard but, PENG aims to support rising talents or does who do not know how to monetize their online fanbase and help bring smiles to the faces of their fans.

    To experience this platform or check out some of the celebrities you can connect with, check them out today via the link: and also follow them on social media:

    Instagram: @sendpeng_

    Facebook: @sendpeng 

    Twitter: @sendpeng_


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