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  • Fast Rising Model Rosekate Andy Release New Photos To Celebrate Nigeria Independent Day

  • Nigeria, My father land, land filled with milk and honey, land filled with lot of great value and land built of great talent.

    Pains she went through before getting her named,pains she went through under the colonial masters but she laughed and was happy.

    One day when she saw a white??? holding greens with her both hands,when the peace was dwelling in the middle of green pastures and unity and the king of all birds flying over them in protection,in the middle of lot of fruitfulness of crop and habitations.

    Was she ever happy?
    Does she still shed tears?
    Was she given an everlasting happiness?

    I still find her shedding bitter tears. She's still in pain of a woman in labour,the pain of the helpless been step on by her on blood. She still cry for love and unity among its siblings killing themselves for power and wealth. She's still in pain of hunger while her neighbor's feeds their dogs with dollars and golds. 
    She still cry for help when after she sings the song of freedom from the past 60 years. 


    Heal our Land O'Lord

    Instagram: @iam_rosekateandy 
    Facebook:Rosekate Andy 
    photographer: @the_ayomideromeo
    makeup artist: @gathassignatures. D.o.p by @Cedarinfinty

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