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  • MUSIC Ellyman - Lagos City (single)
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    Afro-reggae hits slinger and gbedu monster, Ellyman, slips us a sizzling new track titled "LAGOS CITY" causing terrifyingly groovy ripples in the Nigerian music society. "LAGOS CITY" is an infectious combination of afro vibes and a slippery undertone of reggae, bouncing off a beautifully orchestrated mix of instrumentals, spawned dramatically from BlaiseBeat's epically fire arsenal. Phew!😌 that's a lotta words yh?? Lol, that's how much this track ignites something in me.

    The electic singer/instrumentalist Ellyman, lent us this sound off his highly anticipated album "THE SOVEREIGN" set to shake the streets in only a few moments after the release of "LAGOS CITY", allowing us a peek into the loads of sensational content he's prepared solely for our entertainment.

    Now let's talk a bit about the track itself. " LAGOS CITY" isn't just some regular gbedu waiting to gnarl at you through your speakers. Ellyman shares his views through a clinically coined string of lyrics and melody, about the fast-moving streets of Lagos from the perspective of a dreamer and worker itching to climb the ladder of success straight to the top. He talks about the need to go hard in your grind, and never letting opportunities walk by you. It is a truly inspiring song, motivating as it is banging, leaving your head nodding and your body twitching with rhythm.

    This song is a must listen. DOWNLOAD NOW!

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