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  • Prophet Lovy Elias; Pastor, Life Coach, and Philanthropist
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    Prophet Lovy L. Elias is a life coach to celebrities and athletes as well as a general spiritual guide who offers daily teachings for those who need a bit of uplifting and help in life. He also considers himself a Pastor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

    Originally from The Congo D.R.C, he first made a name with the now defunct musical group ‘THE LONGOMBAS’ The Longombas were a musical group originally from Congo DRC, based in Kenya performing a fusion of hiphop and Soukous founded by brothers Christian and Lovy Elias Longomba. The group ruled the Kenyan music scene between 2002 and 2006 with singles like “Dondosa”, “Piga Makofi”, “Shika More” and “Vuta Pumz”. Their debut album Chukua was released in 2005 by Ogopa Deejays.

    Lovy who is currently lead pastor of REVELATION CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST believes “It’s not really motivation but purpose that drives people. Motivation can arise and can die, but purpose is forever. Knowing why you’re here drives you to make sure you never leave this world until you fulfill your purpose. Motivation can change over time. Know and find your purpose because that’s the only secret to success.” He explains.

    He said he started his Ministry Revelation Church Of Jesus Christ which is a non Profit offering spiritual guidance to help others find their purpose through his teachings and the teachings of the bible. He plans on expanding his ministry outside the United States to places like Africa, India, Asia and other locations around the world in 2021. He wants to her more involved in programs that will bless the less fortunate through charitable works and projects while winning souls for Christ.

    To learn more about Prophet Lovy L. Elias and his teachings, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel by searching Prophet Lovy on Youtube. You can also check out his website as well as follow him on Instagram @prophetlovy.

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