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  • This Is The Best Yoruba Movie Have Ever Seen In My Life: It’s Titled “Adura (Prayer)” You Should Watch It Too

    The rate at which the Nollywood Yoruba is growing nowadays ehn, I think their time to collect an Oscar Award is very close by.

    With the efficacy of “Omo Ghetto The Saga” by Funke Akindele and now this “Adura” movie I just saw on Youtube – I doff my heart for the Yoruba movie guys!

    Now – Why Is This Movie The Best Yoruba Movie Out Now?

    Unlike the normal Yoruba movie that you can predict what the ending part will look like even by just a 5 minutes watch – “Adura” is very unpredictable.

    Some highly professional plot twist was seen in this 1 hour 30 mins blockbuster movie and it made it stand out from many Yoruba movie we’ve seen before.

    I would have loved to give a hint on what really happened in it, but then the joy of a movie is everything that should happen as a shocker to you.

    So sorry guys! There won’t be any spoiler from me to you

    Watch “Adura (Prayer)” On Youtube Via

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