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  • Fahoy Music’s frontline act BadboiHY set to release debut EP
  •  Fahoy Music’s frontline act, Humphrey Osagie Afobhokhan also known as BadboiHY is set to release his first major EP coming out in a few days.


    The singer makes music as a global citizen and this is clearly recognizable. His melodic sense is rooted in Afro modes but unconstrained by them, and he has a stable of producers who deliver some of the most innovative rhythm tracks.


    His popularity is spreading worldwide because of the consequential ideas he communicates through his music. Describing the kind of music he makes, the singer said his music is spiritual, it speaks of reality, hope and it takes over you if you listen to it more often and that's what it's all about.

    Fahoy Music’s frontline act BadboiHY set to release debut EP


    Talking about what sets his music apart he said his music speaks of reality, it's something that takes over your mind and soul because when it speaks of life and reality then that's all you need.

    In his words,

    “my music appeals to people who have gone through what I'm talking about, it hits them differently and for the sound, the melody is quite serenading which heals at the end of the day.”

    Speaking on what the body of his work entails, the "zero billing" crooner said it speaks of manifestation when reality takes over your consciousness and comes to life.

    “My music tells you that there's hope, it encourages you to stay active and protect your energy, it's more than the lyrics or sound, it's the message I'm passing across.”

    BadboiHY's Afro Trap is catchy and supreme, with melody and lyrics that go beyond expectations.

    Talking about what inspires his work, he believes the universe works towards your advantage if you follow the principles of staying positive to manifest reality.


    Fahoy Music’s frontline act BadboiHY set to release debut EP


    The singer expressed his belief in angel numbers, stating his angel number “1111”, a number sequence in numerology. BadboiHY says he believes one has to stay positive to manifest what you have prayed for because your subconscious brings your prayers to reality.

    On releasing his video, he tells us that he and his team are currently planning on releasing visuals after the promotion of his audio single to some extent.

    Speaking to our correspondent about the creative process behind his songs, he said he lets his reality take over his subconscious and bring about beautiful melody, hence it is a spiritual process, as it takes over him.

    In his words,

    “you can only sing of the things I sing of when you go through them, they just flow. It's something you have to be in tune with and so it's not fiction. I allow it to flow and that's how I make music, other times I reminisce on certain things that open the flow.”

    On his influences in music and who he would love to collaborate with the songwriter, instrumentalist and entertainer mentioned that he would not say he's influenced by any specific act but he appreciates and likes some acts which he believes really do it well, he said he's self influenced and he's his own reason why he sings.


    Fahoy Music’s frontline act BadboiHY set to release debut EP


    Talking to us about who he would love to collaborate with, the singer said he would like to collaborate with Olamide as he believes he does his thing well.

    On what’s next for him, he said momentarily he's just vibing to the music on the ground. Moreover, he's looking forward to putting out more music in the latter part of the year.

    He added that he's also looking at involving his online fans to a larger extent so they can feel the impact and be a part of the project.

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