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  • Sarah Yusuf debuts fashion brand – “Xera”.
  • Business tycoon and model Sarah Yusuf is making the transition to designer with the launch of her own fashion brand called XERA. A label name coined from her own name “Sarah” . The fashion goddess is teaming up with top fashion designers on her own collection.

    Sarah Yusuf is a smart entrepreneur who is known for her diversification in several businesses. She has been in the fashion business for a long time as she owns retail fashion stores House of Xera. She decided to venture into owning her own clothing line launched by the House of Xera brand. This is the first time she will oversee the design of pieces under the tittle of Creative Director.

    “I will be collaborating with top designers to bring my vision to reality . I feel really great to be creating something from the scratch for the first time. Something that depicts the true express of myself. I would love to see people express themselves freely without the fear of being judged. I want people to feel confident when they wear XERA. I want people to be themselves and love themselves regardless without wanting to be like anyone else. I have been a lover of fashion. I love quality textures, fabrics and accessories. I love to create styles that will make people feel really confident. Styles that will never go out of fashion. I hope to create a staple in every wardrobe “.

    Sarah Yusuf said that the style will not be season based as it opts to retail via multiple incremental releases. Styles and fabrics will be exclusive to a few hence, they will not be repeated nor produced in mass . This will make our clients more confident as they know that they will not see these styles repeated on every people . So, you have to stay updated to enable you buy any design that you love immediately after the release before someone else buys it. The fashion brand is said to span a cross both men, women’s and children’s fashion. The XERA brand hope to also feature office supplies, home decor, furniture, skincare, cosmetics, etc.

    The fashion line will feature ready-to-wear , quality leather bags, shoes and accessories. The fashion brand also promises to promote inclusivity by catering for all genders and body sizes. The brand will debute their clothing line on 31st of May 2021. The 30 piece collection will be unveiled and will be selling on their website to be launched with the clothing line and on their instagram page @xeranigeria .

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