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  • Dubara Entertainment to host Broda shaggi, Diamond Ikechi, Funky Mallam, Belinda Efah and others
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    Dubara Entertainment company is a MOVEMENT……. A Hub where different Entertainment expressions are CREATED, HARNESSES, DEVELOPED AND DELIVERED to the world in the Most CREATIVE, EXCELLENT AND ABOVE ALL, CONTENT THAT IS ENJOYED BY EVERYONE IRRESPECTIVE OF AGE, CLASS OR RELIGION We will be known for doing Entertainment differently because we will be taking creative bold steps in the content we will be put out there. Believe it or not…. The media and Entertainment industry is a powerful tool that can be used to shape the minds and values of people and as such we ought to be careful and deliberate about the content we put out. This why DUBARA ENTERTAINMENT WAS BORN

    Vision: Becoming the best global entertainment company with creative and Excellent content for everyone.

    The company will cover all aspects of Entertainment expressions…..From Movies, music, reality shows, to Fashion and Lifestyle etc.

    By November 2021, Dubara Entertainment will be debuting its launch into the Entertainment industry with a captivating Jungle movie, filled with comedy and action, titled “DUBARA THE MOVIE”. The movie features the likes of Ali Nuhu, Umoh Bishop(Okon), Samuel A perry(Broda shaggi), Diamond Ikechi, Funky Mallam, Belinda Efah and a host of others.

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